Which Domain Name is right for you?

  • 13 January 2012

If you have made a decision to build a website, you have thought about everything: your personal site’s template, the type of site visitors you want to target, and also about your domain name. You can’t just wait to get the site up and running automatically. If you haven't decided which domain name to use, you will be presented with a list, the list will consist of top-level domain names (TLDs in short) which have various suffixes right after your preferred URL (your website name). Most popular TLDs are listed below: .COM, .ORG and .NET. So which one you should choose?


.COM is certainly the most popular TLD these days. In July 2013, the web business for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) stated that there are 111,655,799 .COM names registered throughout the world. The bulk of these .COM domains come from North America, along with pretty much seventy seven million recorded in that particular country only.

A .COM TLD at first was supposed to be used in business-related fields only (the short form "com") however it is available today for all of us. Its level of popularity may motivate other people to go through your website over and over again only because it's using their faivorite TLD. It’s not surprising that a lot of people automatically try to find availabile domain address in .com first.

.ORG and .NET are also regularly used on many internet web sites. In the past, .NET domains were also available for businesses only, whereas .org domains are suitable for organizations as well as non profit organisations or personal use. These days, anyone can register their site using these TLDs as there is no regulation on that.

ICANN statistics indicate that there are around 15.5 million registered .net web site names along with a little over 10 million registered .org internet domain names as of July 2013. The same as .COM, most .NET and .ORG sites out there are registered in the United States.

Choosing the Right TLD

It is important to identify the purpose of your web site prior to buying a TLD. In case the main goal of your website is to sell goods, think of picking .COM or .BIZ. If your website will represent an organization, .ORG would probably be your best option.

Remember the fact that if you need to deal with local clients in your city, then you may pick one and use country code TLDs. Some popular ones include .COM.AU (Australia), .CO.UK (UK), .CA (Canada), and so forth. Keep in mind that a number of TLDs have restrictions. In our next posting, we will be discussing some popular TLDs that have rules, especially region specific ones.

At the same time, take the time to consider Search Engine Optimization. Quite a few TLDs will naturally achieve greater rankings in search engines compared to others. .COM rankings the highest over other TLDs (that is just one reason why it is so popular). In order to take full advantage of traffic to your website or blog, avoid bad quality TLDs such as .NAME or .INFO

Finally, it is very useful to buy more than one domain and point your customers to the same web site. As an example, you may own a small restaurant and you have bought another domain name: www.example.com. You can also purchase www.example.biz, www.example.net, etc. This is often useful when you just starting up your own business

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