How to build an eCommerce web site for yourself

  • 11 September 2014

To build an eCommerce web site yourself is really not such a difficult task when using the right kind of tools. You will want to build an eCommerce website using the latest technologies such as a user-friendly shopping cart, integrations with top auction sites as well as a payment gateway. Although the web site design is important, correct usage of the eCommerce marketing tools will result in many business transactions.

Here are some points to consider when getting down to building an eCommerce website.

  • a) Its design should facilitate easy buying of goods and services
  • b) Your products or services should be of value to the customers
  • c) Offer personal attention to all customers
  • d) Offer discounts and e-mail promotions to them so that they keep returning to your web site

The design of your web site should mirror your business and what you want to market. The website is your interface with your customers and through it you must be able to convince them to buy your product. At the same time it should not be aggressive towards sales and scare off the visitors.

When you build an eCommerce website you need to use as many keywords (the words through which the search engines bring visitors to your online store) as possible to ensure that the search engines list your store higher when the visitors are looking for the items you sell.

With more than hundred different internet browsers currently available you need to ensure that your site is compatible to be picked up by all of them. Build an eCommerce website that is viewed in at least Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Netscape 4.0+. This is helpful in getting traffic to your site.

The images used on your site should detail your merchandise clearly. Also be sure to optimize your images for fast download; one loses a lot of customers who can’t wait endlessly for the pictures to show up.

Site navigation should be easy to understand and use. Answer any and all questions you think visitors may have in the FAQ section. Buyers hate to meander on a site if it leads nowhere, so the easier your site navigation the more sales you will have. Build an eCommerce website specially designed for your business in a cost effective way to promote your products or services.

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