Dedicated vs Shared Web Hosting

  • 11 September 2014

Overwhelmed by web hosting options? No need to worry! Even if you have web hosting experience, you still may wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of certain hosting options. For instance, it used to be common for every web site address to have its own, dedicated IP address. With thousands of web sites being produced, dedicated IP addresses are no longer the norm and Fast Hosting offers you the option to host on a shared server.

IP Address Basics: Each computer has its own numeric address. The IP address looks somewhat like a umber, with dots separating the number sets, for example Before deciding to choose a dedicated or shared IP address for your website, it's important to understand the difference.

Shared IP Address: When you sign-up with a web host, your website will most likely be hosted on a shared IP address. Multiple websites can be hosted on one IP address and it costs web hosting companies less to run business this way. But just because it is cost effective for web hosting companies does not mean that it is disadvantageous for the customer.

Dedicated IP Address: What this means is that a website domain is hosted on its own IP address, no sharing. There are advantages to having an IP address for each domain that you have, but these advantages are not necessarily a requirement for everyone.

If you are planning to host a large or a secure e-commerce web site you will want a dedicated IP address. But what if this doesn't describe you? How do you decide?

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address: If you want your own SSL certificate, you will need a dedicated IP address. An SSL certificate will let you accept secure credit card payments online. Some web hosting providers offer an SSL certificate that is shared with other IP addresses, which will allow you to accept credit cards online. However this means your site is protected under the web hosting company's SSL and not your personal SSL. If you choose to use the provided SSL certificate, there is no need to have a dedicated IP address.

Now, whether you decide to have your own SSL certificate or use one provided by the web hosting company is a decision you will need to make.

If you plan to use Anonymous FTP, it may be required to have a dedicated IP address. Anonymous FTP is when a computer allows anyone using the FTP software permission to access a designated directory for files. It is called Anonymous FTP since the user signs in under the name "anonymous" You will need to check with your web hosting company if you plan to use this service since some providers require a dedicated IP address in order to run the software.

If you are realizing that you need a dedicated IP address and already have your site hosted on a shared IP address, you are not necessarily "stuck." Fast Hosting companies offers the option to upgrade or move to a dedicated IP for minor costs. Your site may be down and unavailable while the changes take place, but usually this can be taken care of within 24 hours or less.

If you have yet to contract with a webhosting provider, it may be best to look not just at what services you need now, but will need for the future. Hopefully your business or service will become tremendously successful! But with success, comes the need to expand and upgrade. When you first started your site, a shared IP address may have been ample, but now that the visitors are coming in droves, you may need to upgrade to a dedicated IP.

There are criteria to consider before you decide to whether to choose a shared or dedicated IP address. For most web masters, a shared IP address is good enough. But, if you plan to host an e-commerce site or want your own SSL certificate and more web hosting control, it is worth looking into a dedicated IP.

Fast Hosting offers affordable web hosting services with a site builder for you to build your website and also an easy control panel for you to add scripts, SSL, and many more.

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