Design and Build Your Own Web Site

  • 09 April 2015

How to Get Started:

There are several approaches to build a brand new web site. The first thing you should do is decide on what is the purpose of your web site is going to be.

Individual Web Sites

In case the purpose of your site is to publish details about your interests or about you, and so on, you'll probably would like to get a totally free web hosting membership. There are a lot of websites on the web that provide free web hosting services.



Business Web Sites

The purpose of these web sites is usually to earn money in one way or another. Including totally free web sites providing free services or video games to play are earning money using their web sites. Let’s breakdown several types of commercial web sites.

Informational Web Site

With this types of web sites you can probably find any kind of material from 'How To' to 'Recommendations'. If this describes the kind of web site you want to create you might be thinking how does giving freely data generate any profit? The answer's, they earn money exactly the same way radio stations do, Advertising and Marketing. Internet on the other hand, has got lots of strategies to promote and earn money.

Online Programs

Many organisations offer services which you can subscribe to, and earn percentage on product sales which were produced through your site. You set a banner ad or backlink onto your web site through an “affiliate marketing passcode” which shows the organization's site that, that individual has come from your site. In case they buy something, you will get a percentage from the money spent by that client. This is a great approach to make money using an internet website.

Common Marketing

Eventually a web site could possibly develop into a significant spot on the web. This type of web sites may offer marketers a method to put advertisements on their own primary web page or maybe in their publications or web magazine. This is certainly very expensive and a big informative web site can generate lots of money performing this.

Pay Per Click Marketing 

Additionally, website owners may subscribe to a pay-per-click advertising campaign, for example Google’s AdSense. This would place a tiny section inside your site that has hyperlinks to many other web sites that match the information on your web page. Whenever people click on those hyperlinks Google will pay you a percentage from what they earn.

Products and Services Web Sites

The majority of service and product web sites will make most of their earnings from real sales. It seems like as a well-known notation that these kind of web sites don't like to cause problems for their clients with advertisements. To begin with products or services web site you'll need to have at the very least a shopping cart software package. Commercially prepared shopping carts are available on the web free of charge for example osCommerce, a really good shopping cart software and quite common selection.

Entertaining and Fun Web Site

Some other web sites aim for fun video games to generate traffic to the website. They can offer free video games to try out plus a membership or subscription to another game or even in a way limit permission to access areas of the website to subscribers only. This kind of website usually includes advertising campaigns with regular membership charges.

Company Web Site

Occasionally companies simply setup web sites to share with their clients’ business specific information for example telephone numbers, business locations, closing time, and so on. Since they won't generate any cash they can advertise the company and produce more visitors to the actual building therefore growing product sales.

Get a Web Hosting 

With any internet business web site you'll need Website Hosting. Even though it is actually possible to host a web site on your personal computer, but if you don't have the resources and skills to do this, it's a lot simpler to join Fast Hosting or sign up for Web Hosting Services through another website hosting organization.

Web hosting companies range between a few dollars per month to a few hundred dollars per month. If you don't have actual necessity for some of the nicer looking elements we would suggest to become a member of a cheap and reliable web hosting provider, for example Fast Hosting.

Get a domain name 

After you have a web hosting, you'll need a website name. A website name (domain name) is a web address your site will be found on. If you want to purchase a domain name for your own website, it's possible to register your domain with us, simply click here.

Developing your web site

In case you do not have skills in PHP, HTML, or another programming languages, you'll perhaps need to learn them, employ someone to develop your website, or use a commercially prepared web site. Yes, as a website owner you'll start to appreciate open source software projects. Open source software projects are software systems which are developed for anybody being able to access the code designed to create their own systems.


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