In what way Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Servers are similar?

  • 20 April 2015

Virtual Private Servers vs Cloud Servers


With the amount of different brands of modern technology provided with common functions it can be very challenging to determine what each of them is used for, the way they are similar and in what way they are different. In blog articles we will describe everything about Cloud servers to help you figure out for yourself if they are good for you as well as for your business.

There are many similar features between VPS (virtual private servers) and the Cloud servers, as fully understood systems, both of them are generally accepted:


1: Shared systems - Although many people use exactly the same computer hardware, there's a clear separation between every client's data avoiding any type of probability of impacting each other's operations and also providing the top level of security

2: Highly protected -  Virtual private servers and Cloud servers generally offered by a web hosting provider usually has a higher-level of security than is possible with an on premise, own supported functionality

3: Fast to provision - Purchasing servers is fast and easy to get done. The setup can be performed by the company you select easily and quickly

4: Cheap starting price ranges - which make each system attractive alternatives to standard computers for organisations


Because the 2 types of servers can be very similar, you will occasionally notice them promoted as Cloud Virtual private servers - it is in addition helps to ensure that a supplier has included every term.


In such cases it could be challenging to identify which technology the host uses and would be easier to clarify this information.


Right now VPS and Cloud are actually interchangeable terms but because a lot more improvements are made, and the system grows, Cloud technologies are starting to be more scalable, a lot more customizable and provides more comprehensive backup solutions in comparison to physical servers.


It is an extremely interesting amount of time in the web hosting industry, because large vendors for example Citrix, VMware, HP and so on want to further improve their well-known modern technology items. This helps web hosting companies to fit system with their own abilities to deliver the very best solutions for their clients and of course to allow every company to manage their business effectively.


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