Managed Web Hosting Services and what is so great about it?

  • 04 May 2015

This post on Managed Web Hosting services continues the collection about Standard Web Hosting for our website visitors (find out more about Differences between VPS and Cloud).

Many people begin the process of website hosting on shared servers (where several Sites are hosted on the same server), and they also might not be aware of the expression “managed web hosting” whatsoever.

The expression mainly starts to apply when the user is searching for semi dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicate servers. When you're thinking of webhosting, you can consider the word “managed” as organized help and support.



With a managed web hosting plan, the web host provides help and support for each task or difficulty, regardless of whether it is emergency or routine. Clearly there are limitations to how far the assistance will go; the web host usually will not provide you support for your personal website's program code. The operating-system, server set up, user interface, as well as any pre installed software programs are usually managed by the web hosting provider. Managed Hosting includes automatic backup and monitoring.


Why Managed Web Hosting Services are More Expensive?

Unmanaged web hosting is less expensive compared to managed web hosting because there's no administration service available from the web host. The web host will carry out standard tasks for example replace damaged parts, take care of the network system, and restart the machines, but probably won't support any of your own software program or install anything at all for you. You will need to install your own security updates, troubleshoot and fix any error messages that you get, and install pretty much everything other than the Operating System. Some unmanaged hosting companies don't even provide the user interface (control panel) or a web server.


Some people confuse dedicated server and Managed Web Hosting services. With a dedicated server, the web hosting company will provide you with your own private server for hire, period of time. With managed hosting, the web hosting company offers the server for hire as well as support services to assist you to manage your server.


Although there's an obvious price difference between managed and unmanaged web hosting, it is usually not recommended to choose a web hosting plan because of price only. If however, you find yourself in trouble while on an unmanaged web hosting plan and need your web host to give you some help, you will be billed for every hour for even basic support, which may get expensive very fast. A lot of low priced shared web hosting plans attract customers with offers of gazillions of free harddisk space. What these businesses do not explain to you is the fact that by the time your site actually reaches a size in which you will require that much disk space, the shared web hosting environment will most likely be unable to support it because of important CPU performance restrictions.


The very best Managed Web Hosting Service provide you with high end managed services along with 24/7 customer service, hands on server hardware and software help and support, data backup, monitoring, supporting important website traffic rises for example when too many people go to your website at the same time, or whenever there is a need to load balance your website traffic between a number of web sites.

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