Do You Really Need a Virtual Private Server to Host Your Blog Site?

  • 04 May 2015

A VPS (virtual private server) is a good solution to control a number of the power of a dedicated server without spending the money to set up your own. Virtualization is good for the companies and customers simply because resources are a lot better allocated, always keeping costs lower. Nevertheless, for any small start-up weblog, a Virtual private server might be more than you require, even if the cost is good (several companies go for only $5 per month).


What You Can Get?

By using a VPS, you'll get your own virtual operating-system along with complete root access as well as:


  • Dedicated CPU percentage as well as entire cores dedicated to your virtual private server
  • Dedicated Random Access Memory (RAM) and burstable Random Access Memory - this removes an issue with shared web hosting websites taking on a lot more than their fair proportion of memory
  • Remote storage and security - everything's self contained
  • An opportunity to duplicate, rewrite data, and eliminate virtual machines easily, completely custom-made to satisfy your Operating System and software requirements
  • The complete variety of developer resources (you'll be able to install any programming API, database, or platform you require)


What You May Not Want

You might not be ready to run your blog site from the Virtual Private Server if you don't want:


  • Responsibility for remote computer security - Even though it's not really a full machine, you will have to deal with as such, taking care of a firewall application as well as any other essential security procedures
  • Personal configuration of databases, networking, as well as other tools. If you don't use a managed Virtual Private Server, you'll have to do all this by yourself, whereas it generally comes all set to go with a shared web hosting account
  • Nowadays a lot of shared web hosting accounts provide additional disk space and bandwidth than you'll be able to use. If you don't require a Virtual Private Server for the factors specified in the "What You Can Get?" part, you could probably manage everything well with shared web hosting.


A busy weblog with a lot of participation and commenting from visitors will probably need dedicated CPU and Random Access Memory (RAM), something a Virtual Private Server can provide. If you're not to that particular stage and don't assume getting there later on, you might need to choose shared web hosting. However, if managing your own private server doesn't frighten you, it can't do any harm to be well prepared for future years, especially if the purchase price is appropriate.

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