Measure your online achievements

  • 05 June 2015
Assuming you have a web site, you have valuable information at your fingertips which you can set to perform for the benefit of your online business.
Possibly you have found yourself being interested in:
The number of people are there browsing your site?
The location of these people, where do website visitors come from?
The number of people coming back to your website regularly?
Why are visitors going to the website but not ordering products and services?
Which content do your site readers have a preference for?
You certainly can get this information and a lot more, you simply need the right tools to gain access to it. Basically we are writing about analysing your site information, an area of marketing known as "Web Analytics".
Web Analytics is the way of measuring, collecting, analysing and receiving reports of web data for the reason of understanding and improving internet usage.
However, before you start delving in to the information it is essential that you determine what it is that you would like to measure, and also have a solid idea of what good results would look like for your online business. Web Analytics professional Kaushik Avinash puts it like this:
"The real cause of failure in many online marketing campaigns is simply the lack of organised plans on what the real aim of the campaign is and a lack of targets set of measures with which people will see and understand achievements or failures"
Below are a few methods for determining a measurement strategy before you start with website measurements:
Define your main objective
Is your plan to sell, get attention or generate leads, for instance, you could possibly want to concentrate on several of these at the same time. After you have defined this, you will get a much better picture of what success appears to be like.
Define your primary goal
Your primary goal needs to be based on your objectives and relate with the special techniques you will apply to realise those objectives. These could consist of: getting leads, sharing information, providing options for connection or turning site readers into customers for example.
Consider some of the key performance indicators
Key performance indicators tend to be the achievements that you will keep an eye on to work out how successful your actions are. They can consist of potential sales, the length of time visitors spend on your web site, amount of leads gathered and so on.
Once you have performed this you are prepared to begin with a web analytics tool like Google Analytics where you may get and monitor useful information. Google Analytics is available for all Fast Hosting products and comes with helpful features like:
  • Referring domain name (referrer with web address, for example hyperlink on another site)
  • Recommendations from the search engines
  • Audience overview, average session duration
  • Most regularly accessed specific pages with webpage name and link
  • Landing pages and drop offs
  • Web browsers used by website guests
  • Amount of website guests
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