Basic Knowledge of Clear and Maintainable Code for WordPress

  • 05 June 2015
Getting basic information about code and how it has to look is effective to every WordPress user. It is very important to determine if code is of high-quality which means that your website could work properly and stay protected. For people who are new to the tech world: There is no reason to be concerned about becoming a perfect programmer to be successful with your WordPress website. This summary should help and give you a strong foundation.
What exactly is a "clean code"?
Clean code is neat, relatively easy, straightforward, and easily readable. You can actually tell that code was properly created by a developer who was probably mindful of its readers. Generally, clean code could be read all the way through and fully understood by the reader without the need of any knowledge of what it is doing. By creating a clean code, programmers aren't only supporting other people, they're also helping their future self when it's time to develop and modify the code.
When you are writing the code or comparing it for your website, easily readable code has few key points which make it legible to the majority of of its readers. To start with, all parts of the code (as well as variables, methods and functions) are developed in understandable English. For instance: user_status(). Generally, clean code uses simple and short phrases which are not hard to pronounce. You could potentially tell what exactly the code does at a glance simply because it uses meaningful, detailed, informative terms. Classes (the part of code that sets up and creates objects that have the similar features) need to have noun or noun phrase details, not action-word names. Method names identify the purpose of objects and thus should use action-words or action-word phrases, not nouns.
Every line of clean code is brief and meaningful, with absolutely no duplication. It is normally under one hundred fifty characters per line and fewer than twenty lines overall. Every line does just one single thing - and does it correct! By concentrating on the main objective and labelling it carefully, clean code will be doing what is required and only return data one time.
What it really shows to WordPress Owners
It is easy to understand that writing code and fully understanding it are away from scope for some WordPress users. Considering that, these skills are not essential to develop a simple blog or website. Knowing a few things about code level of quality can help to make sure you choose the best plugins and themes for your personal online project. For instance, if you work with a WordPress plugin from, you do not have to further develop or modify it (which requires comprehensive development knowledge). However, you do need to see whether it will work correctly with your website. By going quickly through the code, will help to make decision on the level of quality and will help with that decision.
WordPress has coding requirements that every plugin, core and theme programmer is required to follow. A shared code base is an essential element for clean code. Once your web site is developed with WordPress, and you also use plugins and themes from the public WordPress Directory, you can be certain that they're high quality and meet certain standards.
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