Tips on How cPanel is Dealing with Backups and Issues with Data Transfers

  • 13 January 2012

These days, it has been documented that there're security difficulties around cPanel’s exchange and also in data backup systems for root users. The issue why cPanel brings up relates to end users restoring info via unsecured or untrusted sources. Even though alerts coming from cPanel to stop this procedure, people continue to restoring the information with unsafe third party applications.

Ever since comments in the web hosting service public brought up these issues to light, cPanel has accepted the fact that this is actually very popular approach than cPanel's experts initially realized. Because of this, cPanel administrators are focusing on the important update. This update will certainly warn customers that using products from untrusted websites is actually ill-advised throughout the actual platform they are running. In the mean time, cPanel has also launched a high level project to create an alternative solution which will allow main individuals to use back up programs from so called “untrusted” websites.

A cPanel administrator known as Kennith published a statement in the new blog post the fact that describes in more detail what exactly cPanel hopes to achieve while using the brand new system. The goal is to allow a safer “restricted” sub set of information in the platform restore that won't give up the entire security. Kennith primarily claims “The major purpose of the new restore system will be to choose the safety of the restore over replication integrity. We will try to provide as much of the current recover functionality together with the brand-new untrusted account backup package restore system as possible. Throughout the new data transfer and recover procedure, you'll be able to to clearly select which computer system you want to work with (trusted or untrusted) to restore the back-up package“.

While cPanel has pointed out that they are dealing with the issue, a number of experts feel they aren't doing enough. At Fast Hosting, our opinion is that the best way root cPanel customers may take in the meantime is to always protect themselves. The easiest and most obvious option is not to use untrusted backup packages from external and "untrusted" websites.

A number of web hosting companies offer a back-up service that is both trusted and which works well with cPanel. Fast Hosting isn't exception: All of our Automated Site Back-up is not just safe and secure to use along with your Fast Hosting account, it is very simple to set up! Seek advice with your hosting provider for the online backup service, if you're not confident that they provide one. It will always be a nominal monthly charge and you will have assurance that your web-site details are secure and well protected.

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