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How to Get Started:

There are several approaches to build a brand new web site. The first thing you should do is decide on what is the purpose of your web site is going to be.

Individual Web Sites

In case the purpose of your site is to publish details about your interests or about you, and so on, you'll probably would like to get a totally free web hosting membership. There are a lot of websites on the web that provide free web hosting services.


1. It is the period of internal defence mechanism from the outside defence system.

a) SSL Certificates - Internal defence

b) Firewalls - Peripheral defence

There has been some massive efforts being used in creating powerful internal defence mechanisms to counteract problems and information thefts. It is eminent to get industry suggested security firewalls too, which will work as most important level of defence against most threats.


SEO in Detail

Search engine optimization is part science and part art. How well it is done has a lot to do with the experience of the company you've hired. Remember that search engine optimization is a relatively new science and requires both client interaction and constant monitoring to be successful. It is just one part of an online marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part.


1. Choose a Niche - Today, anyone can have a website and sell merchandise or services on the internet. The choices are endless and only limited by your imagination. If you are already in a business and don’t currently have a website, then it’s simply a matter of deciding what name to chose. If you are thinking about setting up your first website and aren't sure what niche to chose, you might consider a favourite hobby. I've always liked to collect & repair antique radios, so I setup a website called http://RadioExchange.net


The Difference Between UNIX and Windows Web Hosting

Windows and UNIX are in fact two different systems and of course we are referring to computer systems. A web host uses computers, (we shall refer to them as servers, just computers, but sometimes larger) to host websites, and all computers need a operating system, so Windows and UNIX are the operating system.