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Your domain name choice can be critical to your business yet many do not know how to choose a domain name. If you want a successful business you will need it to be accessible from the internet. To achieve that you will need a website, and hence a domain name. The domain name is the name by which your site is known, such as www.mysite.com and the number of domains registered on the internet has increased from about 10 million in the year 2000 to over 50 million now.

There are a few approaches that can be taken to choosing a domain name, and each can be appropriate according to the circumstances.


When a computer on your network needs to access a computer on the Internet, your computer sends your router a message containing source and destination address and process information. Before forwarding your message to the remote computer, your router must modify the source information and must create and track the communication session so that replies can be routed back to your computer. Here is an example of normal outbound traffic and the resulting inbound responses:

1. You open Internet Explorer, beginning a browser session on your computer. Invisible to you, your operating system assigns a service number (port number) to every communication process running on your computer.


There are usually quiet a few reasons why people or organizations decide to transfer to another webhosting provider. It could be simply because of insufficient storage space, bandwidth, or it could be because of web hosting company's customer support system.

Changing to the new internet web hosting organization may seem to be a challenging task, however it is not that complex, there are only few things need to be considered.


Choosing a Domain Name

What makes the perfect domain name? Well, it has to be: 

1. Relatively short 

2. Simple to remember 

3. Easy to spell 


Hosting Your Site Using FTP

Fast Hosting provides comprehensive web hosting services to members. See Fast Hosting for more information. This document explains how to use the FTP features.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP), as its name suggests, is a protocol used for transferring files over the Internet.