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When do you require SSL Certificate?

  • You would like to run online website or accept online orders and credit cards
  • You would like to offer a login or sign in on your website
  • You process very sensitive data like date of birth, licenses, addresses, or identification numbers
  • You would like to comply with security and privacy requirements
  • You value personal privacy and expect other people to trust you

This post on Managed Web Hosting services continues the collection about Standard Web Hosting for our website visitors (find out more about Differences between VPS and Cloud).

Many people begin the process of website hosting on shared servers (where several Sites are hosted on the same server), and they also might not be aware of the expression “managed web hosting” whatsoever.


A VPS (virtual private server) is a good solution to control a number of the power of a dedicated server without spending the money to set up your own. Virtualization is good for the companies and customers simply because resources are a lot better allocated, always keeping costs lower. Nevertheless, for any small start-up weblog, a Virtual private server might be more than you require, even if the cost is good (several companies go for only $5 per month).


VPS and Cloud

Just after we published an article where we highlight similarities between VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Cloud Servers previously, this web page provides person’s viewpoint about the differences between the VPS and Cloud. As being a complex and much discussed topic, it is necessary to remember that Cloud Servers are a development coming from VPS, so can be generally built on very similar but more modern technology and that's why the topic is really so controversial.


Virtual Private Servers vs Cloud Servers


With the amount of different brands of modern technology provided with common functions it can be very challenging to determine what each of them is used for, the way they are similar and in what way they are different. In blog articles we will describe everything about Cloud servers to help you figure out for yourself if they are good for you as well as for your business.